Antika Pottery Kit: Megiddo

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The Carinated Bowl from the Middle Bronze Age (2000-1550 B.C.) is so named for its sharply angling shoulder, which resembles the keel of a ship (Latin carina). It is typical of the age of the Patriarchs, a period of refinement in pottery vessels, when it was used to hold both food and beverages.

Antika-megiddoThe original vessel was found in Megiddo, situated on the path from Egypt (Africa) to Mesopotamia (Asia). Excavations in the city revealed twenty layers of continuous occupation. It was conquered by King David in the 10th century B.C. and became known for its horses and chariotmen during the reign of King Solomon.

Such a bowl can be seen today in the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem.

The Megiddo Pottery Kit contains:
potsherds buried in sand;
glue (for sticking together potsherds);
paintbrush (for applying glue);
plaster (for filling in holes);
spatula (for applying plaster);
balloon (for applying plaster in some pieces);
complete instructions and a welcome to the world of archaeology by Perli Pelzig (English & Hebrew);
scroll explaining the beginnings of ancient pottery (English & Hebrew);
a display card containing interesting information about the origin, usage, and history of your pot (English & Hebrew).

Assembled Size: 2 X 2 X 8.5 inches

Shipped direct from the Holy Land

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