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Roman Glass Jewelry

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Interested in learning more about Roman glass jewelry?

Roman Glass jewelry incorporates ancient fragments from glass vessels that originated in the Roman Empire. Holy Land excavations some 2000 years later revealed these majestic pieces of glass, that had developed breathtaking blue, green and purple hues being buried below Israel’s mineral-rich sand.

A rare and unique material, Roman Glass cannot be produced artificially. These shimmering shards of glass are set into a gold or sterling silver necklace and are available in a large range of Christian and Messianic designs. A beautiful Roman Glass pendant serves as reminder that GOD doesn’t leave HIS children lying broken and scattered.

HE always has plans for revival up HIS sleeve. And HE doesn’t just repair; HE uses that brokenness to bring about beauty. The “beauty for ashes” that Isaiah 61:3 speaks of, is brought to life! To preserve the patina created by the chemical interactions during the formation of this captivating material, please refrain from submerging your Roman Glass necklace in water.

Interested to learn more about the history of Roman glass, Jewelry and the Holy Land at the time of Jesus - please read the following article.

What is Roman glass jewelry?


Blessings from Jerusalem

Roman Glass Jewelry

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