David Loden - Fire and Cloud

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The holy Presence of the Lord, as fire and cloud, accompanied His people Israel in the desert encounter. In clouds of glory He will return, to bring fire on the earth. It will happen! Hear the footsteps of the high and exalted Messiah as He comes back to Jerusalem to judge the tribes of the earth and to shepherd His flock. Here is Yeshua. Praise him! Sung by various artists and English (some in Hebrew).

Note: The following samples are of much lower quality than the actual CD

Sample Track Listing - Click Title To Play
Amud Ha'esh - Pillar Of Fire
The Shepherd
Psiat Hamashiach - The Footsteps Of Messiah
Hine Yeshua - Here Is Yeshua
Ma'amik Hachoshech - The Darkness Deepens
It Will Happen
Ashrei Nesui Pesha - Blessed Is The Man
Jerusalem Sings
Ronenu Tzadikim - Rejoice, Righteous Ones
Jerusalem The Fair
Tfila - Prayer
Ram Ve'nisa - High And Exalted

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