The Temple of Life - Music from the Jewish Liturgy - Alan Friedman

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This album contains traditional Jewish prayers sung by Alan Friedman, who served as a cantor in New York, Prague, and Budapest. He was known for his amazing singing voice, his passion for scripture, and his compassion for others. He passed away in February 2015.

Alan Friedman was born into an Orthodox Jewish family in post-war America. At an early age, Alan attended the yeshiva - a Jewish religious school - while living with his Hassidic relatives in New York. Alan's younger brother was diagnosed with meningitis and given no hope of recovery. Alan cried out to GOD to let his brother live and his brother was supernaturally healed.

Alan continued to experience a deep hunger for GOD throughout his life. After opening the Gospel of Matthew at a relative's house, Alan was touched by the words of Yeshua (Jesus) and shortly after Yeshua appeared to him in a vision. He soon realized how Yeshua fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament of the Messiah and gave his life to follow Him.

The music is a collection of synagogue cantorial prayers sung in a capella.

The Temple of Life: Music from the Jewish Liturgy is a collection of Hebrew music sung by cantor Alan Friedman. Physical CD includes 10 songs, informational booklet and biography.

Note: The following samples are of much lower quality than the actual CD

Sample Track Listing - Click Title To Play
Unetanneh Tokef
Mah Nomar Lefanecha
Kol Nidre
Shema Yisrael
Modim Anachnu Lach
Eliyahu Hanavi
Ram Venisa HaMaschaich
Anu Avda Dekudsha Berich-Hu

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