Philistine - The Great Deception

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Is the Israeli-PLO Peace Accord the beginning of the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict, or is it a prelude to an all-out assault on Israel by the Arab nations? This incredible, thoroughly documented exposé gives a clear understanding of the Arab mind and Arab intentions. Philistine, Ramon Bennett's biggest selling book, tells it just like it is.

Philistine lays bare the Arab mind, Islam, the United Nations, the news media, rewritten history and the Israeli-arab peace process. It exposes the fears, dreams and ambitions of world statesmen — the men in the headlines. Philistine will grip you. Philistine will inform you. Philistine will shock you. Until you read Philistine you will never understand the Middle East — the world's most volatile region..

Throughout its pages, Philistine displays Bennett's scriptural orientation, knowledge and application. An unstated, but observable thread running through his writing is that Israel is engaged in a religious war, but that the world only perceives a cultural and diplomatic conflict. The choice of title is only the first indication that the author has thrown down the gauntlet to Israel's intellectual opposition.

The Zionist reader will rejoice that finally someone has put the entire case together with such a compendium of information in one volume. The militant anti-Israel reader will want to see Ramon Bennett meet with an accident.

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