The Ten Commandments on Olive Wood - English - Medium

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The Ten Commandments Laser engraved on olive wood in Bethlehem.

At a time when public authorities are tearing down displays of the Ten Commandments - God's laws as told to Moses on Mt. Sinai - it's more important than ever to ¬testify your faith at home, in the office, and at your place of business.

This engraving of the Ten Commandments was crafted by hand in Bethlehem, Israel by Christian families from the area. We import gifts for believing Christians straight from the Holy Land to your home from our shop in Jerusalem.

  • Faithful Home Decoration: The 10 commandments have been an inspiring source of order and joy for thousands of years. Let the tradition continue in your home.
  • Teach Children About the 10 Commandments: Display this in a prominent place in your home as an aid to their Christian education.
  • Shaped Like the Tablets of Moses: Bring the book of Exodus to life for your family with this tasteful decoration. A lasting addition to your home.
  • The Word of the Lord: A god-fearing alternative to secular inspirational wall art.

These wooden tablets are delightful gifts for confirmation, birthdays, baptisms, Christmas presents, and other important religious occasions. The engraving is durable and the finished wood will last a lifetime when kept indoors.

Purchasing directly from us in Jerusalem guarantees a blessing from God. As it is written: "I shall bless those that bless thee..." (Genesis 12:3)

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all purchases. If you're not happy with your Ten Commandments Engraving for any reason, send us a message to request a full refund.

Size: 4.8 x 4.3 inches / 12 x 11 cm.
Genuine Holy Land product.

In these days when the Ten Commandments is being removed from public view in many places, put The Word of God back on display in your home, office or workplace!

Shipped direct from the Holy Land.

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