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Spice up your kitchen with this much loved Israeli 'Parsley' herb seasoning - great on salads, potato - as an ingredient in various recipes with rice dishes, fish, fried chicken, lamb, steaks, meat or vegetable dishes.

Bring a taste of the Holy Land to your dishes!

Net Wt: 40 gram / 1.4 Oz.
Product of Israel.

Ingredients: 100% Parsley.

Kosher Parve.
Kosher for Passover.

Then God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you..." (Genesis 1:29)

Pereg Spices, established in 1906, is a family-owned business. Many years of experience, professionalism and know-how have been handed down as a legacy. The Pareej family traded and sold spices in Libya, where they originally came from. After coming to Israel they Hebraized their surname to Pereg (Hebrew for poppy seeds or the poppy flower).

Shipped direct from the Holy Land.

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