To ISRAEL with Love and Hope

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"O Israel, put your hope in the LORD, for with the LORD is unfailing love and with him is full redemption" Psalm 130:7.

All the artists taking part in this compilation have something in common: love for Israel, protection of the land and its eternal capital Jerusalem and a hope for a better and more promising future. Love for the people of Israel is apparent in the choice of texts used in the songs in this compilation, most of which are taken from the Bible and share the common denominator of love for Israel and hope for a better future. The unique thing about this production is that all the artists and producers proceeds are contributed to the IDF soldiers. Join the album's performers: Avner and Rachel Boskey, David and Lisa Loden, Jonathan Settel, Elisheva Shomron and many others. Purchase this CD with 19 songs of prayer for Israel and help us assist the sons and daughters of Israel who sacrifice their finest years defending hostile borders day and night.

support IsraelIn purchasing this CD you are donating to the well being of the IDF soldiers to whom our love and concern is given.

Note: The following samples are of much lower quality than the actual CD

Sample Track Listing - Click Title To Play
Aye Eloheihem? (Where Is Their God?)
Al Tira'u (Do Not Fear)
Dodi Li (My Beloved Is Mine)
Ketal LeIsrael (As The Dew To Israel)
Hine Lo Yanum (He Shall Not Sleep)
Baruch Ata Adonai (Blessed Are You, O Lord)
Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening Of Roses)
Lo Yisa Goy.. (Nation Shan't Lift A Sword)
Roni Vesimchi... (Rejoice And Be Glad, Daughter Of Zion)
Tfilat Ets Hashkediya (Prayer of the Almond Tree)
Hayinu Smechim (We Were Glad)
Halelu Hu (Praise Him)
Nacahmu Ami (Comfort Ye My People)
Rachem Adonai (Have Mercy, Lord)
Ruma Adonai (Be Lifted Up O Lord)
Uf'duyei... (And The Redeemed Of The Lord Shall Return)
Be'erets Hagalil (In The Land Of Galilee)
Ma'ayan Ganim (A Fountain Of Gardens)

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