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The Roar of Young Lions

By Jonathan Becker Psalms 104:21 – The young lions roar after their prey, and seek their meat from God. I took a little trip down more »


My First Air-Raid Siren

By Elisabeth Hinze I’ve never heard an air-raid siren before. On Tuesday night at about 22:00 the air-raid siren started wailing here in Jerusalem. I’ve more »


The IDF: How Charities look out for Lone Soldiers

By Tom Brennan There is no army or defense organization quite like the IDF, Israel Defense Forces. If General Robert E. Lee thought he was more »


Archaeology and Tradition: Are the Holy Places Really Authentic?

By Tom Brennan Pilgrims and tourists to Israel usually have a list of the holy places they want to see and visit. Working with an more »


Israel: Innovation Where Necessary, Invention as a Rule

By Tom Brennan The people of the new nation of Israel had the odds against them in 1948.Their backs were to the sea, their enemies more »



The Other Side of the Story

By Elisabeth Hinze Just after 1am last night, the IDF Spokesperson unit took to Twitter to announce the start of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza against Hamas “in order to stop the terror Israel’s citizens face on a daily basis.” Over … [Read More...]

Jerusalem Diversity

A Shining Light for Peace

By Joseph Korson We have reached an ‘historic moment’ in the story of Israel and Palestine. You could even say a ‘turning point’. Or even a ‘pivotal moment’. Unfortunately these are only slogans and words that mean nothing unless brave people … [Read More...]

Mourning our Boys

Mourning “Our Boys”

By Elisabeth Hinze Monday night at about 18:30 the news broke here:  the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers had been found:  murdered and buried under a pile of rocks near the city of Hebron.  Eyal Yifrach (19), Gil-ad Shaar (16) and Naftali … [Read More...]

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My Mother’s First Tel Aviv Bus Ride

By Nicole Sivan I lived in Tel Aviv through the Second Intifada-- the years when buses around the country blew up weekly. An underfunded university student at the time, I had no choice but to continue to ride the buses daily as frequent taxi … [Read More...]


Meet the Druze: A Unique Community in Israel

By Tom Brennan The Druze occupy a unique position in Israel, not only as a people but a religion. The Druze do not accept converts, send missionaries or consider themselves a part of any other faith. They are a genuinely separate group that … [Read More...]

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Shavuot: the Holiday of Torah and Dairy

By Nicole Sivan Sunset on June 3rd marks the beginning of the holiday of Shavuot, the Festival of Weeks. Shavuot is one of the three traditional pilgrimage holidays in the Jewish religion, along with Passover and Shukkot. These holidays hold … Read More...


Hebrew Anyone?

By Tom Brennan Why we need to learn the language or learn to think like Hebrews. Perhaps the oldest written language still spoken today is Hebrew. Semitic languages, those of the Middle East, are generally considered to have the oldest … Read More...


The Ark Has Landed

By Tom Brennan Biblical Zoos in Israel and why we should know about the animals mentioned in Scripture. There is a current movie about Noah that has drawn a torrent of criticisms. Scripture records which animals were to be put on the ark … Read More...

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